Since You Asked…(Your Runner Dad) Podcast Is Now Live

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Believe it or not it, it has finally happened. After years and years of toying with the idea, through rebrands and on again / off again motivation, spinning my wheels in my mind while I spin my feet on my Cubii underdesk ellipitcal, it is finally here. As of today the Since You Asked…(Your Runner Dad) podcast is finally live!

A Podcast is Born

The Since You Asked…(Your Runner Dad) podcast will feature running, parenting, and unwanted advice that you never knew you needed. Some episodes, like the first episode, will feature me and oftentimes my wife discussing our life, things we’ve learned (or not learned) along the way, and hopefully some colorfully amusing stories. Other episodes will feature guests offering advice on different topics as well featuring projects and/or causes they are involved in.

I originally thought about doing podcast years ago, but as you can hear in this week’s episode (audio | video) lots of life has happened between then and now which kept me from following through on the idea. I am finally taking the leap and hoping I don’t fall on my face.

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I will be honest, things are rough around the edges. As I go along my hope is to make things more polished, but for now I am just diving into the deep end. I would love, though, if you’d take the journey with me.

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