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Below is a list of places Your Runner Dad (me) has been published or featured.


North Pole Run Club Work Out #2: The Runner Dad
Brooks Blog, December 2016

The Value of a Dad
Legal & General America, June 2016

Staying Productive and Living My Life
Men’s Health MVP Network, May 2016

Fast Food Smarts
Men’s Health MVP Network, February 2016

No Sick Days for Dad
Men’s Health MVP Network, January 2016

Happy Holidays? Just Keep Moving!
Men’s Health MVP Network, December 2015

Thank You Family, Thank You Running
Men’s Health MVP Network, September 2015

It Is Time to Reclaim Summer
Men’s Health MVP Network, July 2015

Bold Perceptions
Men’s Health MVP Network, June 2015

How to Make Your Passion Their Passion
Men’s Health MVP Network, March 2015

The Bucket List Destination: Cambodia
Men’s Health MVP Network, February 2015

Live the Adventure, Capture the Memories
Men’s Health MVP Network, January 2015

Change Your Perspective – Change Your World
Men’s Health MVP Network, December 2014

Lessons Learned from Running
àbloc Endurance Recovery Blog, November 2013

Get Equipped to Succeed
#RunChat, October 2013

Get Kids Excited About Running
#RunChat, September 2013


Easy Tips and Advice from the Experts to Stay Healthy and Fit at Home
Porch.com, March 2021

25 Running Blogs We Love
TheRunExperience.com, July 2020

DaddiLife.com, March 2018

The Best Daddy Blogs to Follow
First Site Guide, January 2016

Matt Orlando: An Amazing Journey
The Good Men Project, January 2016

11 Health Gadgets Experts Wish You’d Use
Daily Burn, July 29, 2015

Matt Orlando has No Question About Where His Priorities Lie
Diz Runs, July 2015

Runner’s Spotlight (#Spotlightrunners) – Matt Orlando (@TheRunnerDad) #Runningtowin
Running to Win Pittsburgh, May 2015

This Is Your Captain Speaking: Episode 1
Too Nerdy For TV, March 2015

The Running Lifestyle: Episode 61
The Running Lifestyle, March 2015

Day 13: Q+A with TheRunnerDad, Matt Orlando
Vito Runs 365, January 2015

Hate Running? 25 Ways to Learn to Love It
CNN Health, September 2014

Hate Running? 25 Ways to Learn to Love It
Shape, December 2013

Holiday Hydration – Brita (Advertisement)
Men’s Health, December 2013

7 Tips for Winter Running
Landon Faulkner #MakeAdventure, November 2013

Runner of the Week (11-01-2013)
For the Sole, November 2013

Hate Running? 25 Ways to Learn to Love It
Daily Burn, October 30, 2013

Friday FITspiration: Find the reason. Find the courage. Find the strength.
RunLadyLike, January 2013