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Embracing Winter Runs: Gear Review and Transitioning to Spring | A Guide to Cold Weather Running

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Author Note: Stephanie is a wife, mother, and long-time runner.

Sometime in the last decade, I started to actually like to run outside in the cold winter months. We live in the Northeast, so from December to March, it can get downright chilly outside. I am lucky that I work from home and have a very flexible schedule. I take advantage of my flexible schedule and sneak out for a mid-day run whenever possible. When the sun is out, the temperatures can almost be pleasant in the winter. Weather-appropriate running gear is key.

This past fall, I upgraded my winter running wardrobe with some Adidas gear.  I was very excited to try these running pants. From the moment I put them on, I was in love. They are so incredibly soft. They are high-waisted and stay in place very well. I need lots of pockets, and these pants have pockets all over. Side pockets, back pockets, front pockets, inside pockets, and outside pockets. And even with all the pockets filled with keys and gels and chapstick, etc, the pants stay in place.

Now that we are transitioning into spring, I am almost sad to put away my winter running clothes. Earlier this week, I went for a run and it was a little warmer than it has been lately, so I decided to forego the ear warmer, gloves, and vest. I could have swapped out my running pants for shorts or capris, but opted to wear pants because I’m just not ready to give them up for the season yet. At the end of that run, I realized I needed to swap things out soon. The only thing that makes me less happy than being too cold while running outside, is being too hot while running outside because I’m wearing the wrong clothes. I know exactly what will get me excited to retire my winter running gear until next year… new summer gear and new running shoes! Time to go shopping!