Episode 1: How Does This Thing Work - Since You Asked... (Your Runner Dad)

In this first episode, I discuss the 10 year journey it took to get to this podcast, where I have been and where we are going.


Since You Asked…(Your Runner Dad) Podcast Is Now Live

Believe it or not it, it has finally happened. After years and years of toying with the idea, through rebrands and on again / off

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Running & Fitness

Simple Ways To Improve Performance as an Athlete

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just enjoy going outside and running on the trail, exercise remains one of the best activities for overall health.

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Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Hysterectomy: How Running Got Me Through

Almost 30 years ago, in April 1992, my first biological child was born. I can’t believe she is turning 30 – since it feels like

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