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The Joy of Winter Running: My Gear Essentials and Funny Encounters

Matt Orlando
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The other day, the temperature dropped a bit, and I knew I had to run outside that day. I’m the type of runner who needs to ease into cold weather running. I need to experience the dropping temperatures slowly. If I go from running in 50+ degrees and all of a sudden, I haven’t run in two weeks and the temperature is only 30, I very well may chicken out and hibernate on my treadmill until spring.

Over the years, I have invested in some quality items to enable winter running. Now, I love winter running. It’s amazing how having the right gear has changed my attitude. When I met my husband, if you had told me that I would love winter running, I would have run in the opposite direction! The first winter run I ever did was with Matt. And I hated every second of it. I didn’t have the right gear at all. Over the years, I have figured out the perfect combination of gear to get me out the door on even the coldest of days.

Each year, I try to add key pieces to my arsenal. This year, I have been loving my new winter running tights from adidas. I was actually excited for it to get cold out to try them out, and they did not disappoint. They have a good amount of compression and stay put when running. I didn’t feel the need to constantly pull at them and adjust them. Nothing can ruin a run quicker than pants that are falling down. I also love the ankle zippers because they make it easier to pull on. Another item I have been loving for winter running is actually for afterwards. My cozy new sweatshirt. Post-run, it is perfect for warming up with a hot cup of coffee.

My whole family got adidas sweatshirts this year, and they have been a huge hit. My kids love how warm and soft they are, and I love how brightly colored they are. Those bright colors led me to a funny story. The other day, I was finishing up a run, entering my neighborhood, and a couple of hundred yards away from me up a hill, I saw 3 kids running down the sidewalk. They all had brightly colored sweatshirts on in the same colors as my kids and looked like my kids. At that point in my run, I was cooling down walking but as I continued towards them, I didn’t see my husband with them and started to panic. Where was he? Had something happened to him? I sprinted towards them, and within a couple of yards, realized that those were not my kids. Whoops! Happily, I realized before I got too close or yelled out to them! I turned around and headed down the hill towards home where my comfy sweatshirt awaited me.