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Subscriber Love: This Is Your Captain Speaking

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Earlier this week I shared with you the story of one of my subscribers Megan from South Africa. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to another one of my subscribers Christopher Evans. I know what you are thinking…that name sounds familiar…isn’t that Captain America? Well, this Christopher Evans is not Captain America, but you are close. You may remember Christopher from when I was featured on his inaugural podcast entitled “This Is Your Captain Speaking” last March. During the podcast we talked running, injuries, spending quality time with your kids, and setting a healthy example for your kids. But enough about me, today’s post is all about Christopher! Be sure to show him some love by following him and leaving comments below!

This Is Your Captain Speaking

My name is Christopher Evans, and I am a husband and father to 3 children, ages 12, 9, and 2. I have lived in small town in Texas all of my life. My day time identity finds me as a middle school teacher of technology and computer science. However, in my off time (besides spending time with my family) I enjoy podcasting, blogging, and of course running (why else would I follow TheRunnerDad)?

too-nerdy-340I started podcasting because I was always a fan of podcasts. I studied radio and television production in college, and wanted to do something creative with my friends. My gateways were TWiT and Nerdist. I had two separate friends that I had talked about doing a podcast. We always had these long, in-depth conversations and kept saying we should record them and make a show. One day I realized I was having the same conversation with two different people. I talked to each of them and we decided to join forces and finally make a show. I love having an outlet to talk about the things I am passionate about with some of my best friends in the world. After 4 years and over 150 episodes we have grown to even have 3 spinoffs!

captain spekaing logo-340The inspiration for my blog was actually born out of my depression and a creative void I needed to fill. I have the podcast but I had desire to create something else. I have had this blog with various starts and stops for a number of years now. I would go strong and everything would be great then I would start to lose steam and finally just stop posting all together. I decided to use the blog as accountability to focus on my health and fitness and help work through some of my depression. I rebranded to match my podcast and play on the Captain America coincidence. Most of the blog is fitness related with a few special interest pieces thrown in. I used the Cap angle and the posts are done as mission briefings. As far as the depression aspect, the blog is an outlet to talk through things and hopefully connect with others in similar situations.

One of things I am sure many people can relate to that struggle with is my running. I have one major physical struggle and one major life struggle for my running. My physical struggle is my weight; which has caused pretty bad knee problems that has required surgery on both knees. Running with bad knees and carrying this extra weight is very difficult and slow-going. My life struggle is time and family. I have a 2-year-old that lives with me, a 12-year-old and 9-year-old that I get on the weekends and holidays, and a wife with a hectic schedule. My running time is at 4am because that is the only time I have that does not cut into anyone else’s time. I have considered making my runs a family affair, especially with my older kids, but my weekends are so short we are usually doing other things. Running is my thing so I prioritize it as such and put everyone else’s needs and interests 1st. I am an old-fashioned, Southern gentleman who considers the job of husband and father the most important thing in the world and doing that job does not always leave room for other things.

So what does 2016 look like for me? For the podcast I want more consistency. Life has gotten in the way for a lot of us and it has been difficult to get together. With the addition of the spinoffs we hope to get to a regular release schedule of at least 3 a month. For the blog I hope to have a motivational document of my efforts to get healthier; both physically and mentally. I have never really worried about page hits/downloads because this is a hobby. I do this because I enjoy it. I just want my audience, be it 1 or 1000, to enjoy the product. As for me 2016 is a year to overcome and conquer my demons. I have a lot of things in my life that need fixing and I am focusing on doing so. So if you’re so inclined, follow along by subscribing to the blog, listening to the podcast, or following me on Twitter at both @chrisevans17 and @toonerdyfortv.

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