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Top Reasons Why You Should Run Outside

Matt Orlando
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Running is a great exercise that can help you achieve your fitness goals. That said, not all runs are equal. There are significant differences between your experience on the treadmill and your time running on the trail. Read on to discover the top reasons why you should run outside as an individual and as a family.

Burn More Calories

If you’re running with calories in mind, bringing an outdoor run into your routine can help. While running outside, you fight the wind, change surfaces constantly, and make sudden starts and stops. These aspects can increase caloric burns.

Builds Stamina

Consistent outdoor running can help you and your family quickly build up stamina without the tedium of time on the treadmill. Obstacles at your feet and wind at your face will make you work smart and harder while training your body to keep up with the challenge ahead. Running outdoors also targets different muscles, especially if you take on more challenging terrains together, and helps you create a more well-rounded running experience.

A Great Opportunity for Exploring

Outdoor running will help you explore beautiful scenery, especially during long-distance runs. Exploring nature while running is both calming and fascinating, especially when you bring your kids with you to see it all as well.

Boosting Your Overall Health

Spending more time outside exposes you and your family to plenty of sunlight and much-needed fresh air. Exposure to sunlight will help you gain vitamin D, a vitamin that is essential for bone health. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

However, time spent outdoors doesn’t just impact your physical health. There are many ways that being outdoors can impact your mental well-being too. As the mental health crisis continues for our youth, these outdoor runs can play a crucial role in escaping stress and enjoying what the world has to offer!

Solitary or Social Experience

Outdoor running is a versatile exercise. For instance, running alone can help you meditate or simply take a moment to cool off after a frustrating day. You can always invite your partner or your kids along too, however, and turn your favorite activity into time spent with those you love. Outdoor running is also a fantastic way to meet runners in your area, learn about local events, and see what’s new in your community!

There are plenty of reasons why you should run outside, from boosting your confidence to even reducing your risk of injury in the long term. That said, remember that an outdoor run is far different from time spent in the gym. Bring plenty of hydration, equip your family with high-visibility gear, and stick to trails and areas you’re familiar with!