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5 Fun Outdoor Adventures To Try This Summer

Matt Orlando
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What’s on your bucket list that you can do this summer? Always wanted to explore canyons or try your hand at kayaking? Have fun in the sun by trying something new. Bring the kids along as you take advantage of every nook and cranny of the outdoors. Here are five fun outdoor adventures to try this summer; take inspiration and create your to-do list now.


For a modern spin on a treasure hunt, try your hand at geocaching. Download the app on your phone and you’ll see caches hidden around your area, marked by coordinates. Enlist your kids’ help to find each treasure. Caches can contain anything, from trinkets and stickers to mystery puzzles that you must solve to find the next cache.

Marathon Training

When was the last time you ran a marathon? Stay in top form and invite your kids to go running with you. If they love to run as much as you do, sign up for a half or full marathon together. Encouraging one another and aiming for a common goal can be a powerful bonding experience.

Guided Fishing

If you love fishing but consider yourself a novice, why not go on a guided fishing tour? You can learn from the masters as you enjoy a day on the water. Local regulations permitting, you may even be able to catch your own dinner. Share a classic summer experience with your kids and use the trip as an educational opportunity.


Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or a total novice, an aquatic challenge is a perfect way to spend a summer day. Paddle down a lake or river for a relaxing day with friends and family, or head to white water rapids if you’re feeling adventurous.


You have multiple ways to take advantage of canyon terrain, from hiking to rappelling. Take on real outdoor terrain—spend the day climbing with your kids, and your local rock climbing gym will pale in comparison.

Take advantage of the season before it shifts! Summer is the perfect time to grab your kids and get out of the house for a while. Stay in shape and bond with your kids with these five fun outdoor adventures to try this summer. What’s your go-to summer activity?