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adidas Shoes For the Win!

Matt Orlando
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This post is brought to you by my wonderful wife Stephanie. Long time runner (after meeting me) and overall rock star.

I spent a lot of my 20’s wearing uncomfortable shoes. There were lots of heels and strappy sandals. When I was 30, I took a job that no longer required business attire, and I happily donated all my fancy uncomfortable shoes to Goodwill. Good riddance, I was happy to be done with them! I also became a mom that year. 

I spent a lot of time that year, and subsequent years in running sneakers, Ugg type boots and flip flops. I couldn’t wait for the temperature to be above 65 degrees, because to me, that was flip flop weather. There was no in-between. It was either boots, running sneakers, or flip flops. There were a couple of days when I chose the wrong footwear and ended up with freezing feet! I realized I had a problem.

And then, I discovered fashion sneakers. An in-between! Don’t get me wrong, I love my running sneakers and most of the time, I get them in fun, bright colors, but I didn’t always want to wear them if I wasn’t running. Fashionable sneakers became my go-to!

This past spring, I got my first pair of adidas sneakers! They are actually running sneakers, but I mostly use them for other activities. I was in love from the moment I put them on! They truly feel like I’m walking on clouds and I love how they look as well. The first time I wore them, I got stuck in a torrential downpour and didn’t worry at all about how muddy they got. A quick washer cycle later, they were good as new!\

 These adidas sneakers have been my go-to over the past couple of months. I have worn them to multiple amusement parks, chasing kids around and at the end of those long days, my feet feel amazing!