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Easy Ways To Break a Workout Plateau

Matt Orlando
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Exercise is fun, endorphin-boosting, and relaxing. It’s a great way to reduce stress while boosting physical and mental health. Still, anyone who’s been working out for a long time knows about workout plateaus. These are moments where seemingly no matter what you do, you just can’t lift that weight or run that extra mile. Anyone going through this must-read these easy ways to break a workout plateau to improve their performance either in the gym or outside.

Set New Goals

Anyone who’s been exercising for a while might not need to know beginner basics, but one essential element to any training routine—whether beginner, novice, or advanced—is to set new goals. Training is monotonous. Even the most dedicated workout buffs can tell you that repetitive motions get boring after a while. Therefore, it’s crucial you set different goals for yourself after you’ve completed a previous one. This way, you’re constantly changing up your routine to match. Any plateau from an old routine is null and void as it no longer applies to your current mindset.


Another important tip is to rest. While some might think this is counterintuitive, taking a restful break allows you to refocus and relax, especially after you’ve just reached a fitness goal. It’s perfectly okay to take a break from fitness. After all, fitness is a lifestyle. Just because you take some time off doesn’t mean you’ll lose focus. Actually, it helps you establish a new mindset of what you want to accomplish. These breaks could be for a few days or a few weeks, depending on how long you’ve been training for and what those new goals are. Ultimately, an efficient rest period will do wonders for improving your workout sessions, whereas not resting could prolong your plateau and even lead to injury.

Listen to Music

Listening to your favorite song or artist is another easy way to break a workout plateau. There are many reasons to listen to music during your workouts, but most importantly, it gets you into the workout spirit. It doesn’t matter if the music is heavy metal, rap, pop, or even classical—whatever gets you into a conquering mindset will help you overcome any workout obstacles. If you already listen to music, change it up. Like keeping the same gym routine after an extended period of time, listening to the same music can dull your training. Listen to a different genre to keep your workouts interesting and fresh.

Eat More

Even if your goal is to lose body fat, a workout plateau might mean you aren’t consuming enough calories for an efficient workout. Aside from sticking to clean, healthy foods with a balance of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, consider adding in a cheat meal (my go-to cheat is chocolate). Cheat meals overcome two hurdles in your gym plateau, offering physical and mental relief. A cheat meal rich in carbs and fats fills glycogen stores for long-lasting energy during your next training session. It also offers you the chance to relax and enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty that you’re ruining your diet.

Whatever you decide, understand that workout plateaus are normal and part of the experience. Everyone person who is into fitness experiences them. Try out these tips to keep things new and exciting, and eventually, your plateau will become a new warmup.