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Ways To Encourage a Love of Fitness in Your Kids

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Instilling a love for exercise and fitness in your children from a young age can benefit their health and lives as they grow into adulthood. If you are passionate about fitness, bringing that love of exercise into your children’s lives can provide an additional opportunity to bond with them. Learn some exciting ways to encourage a love of fitness in your kids.

Get Them Involved in Active Groups

Just like some adults enjoy group fitness classes, the social aspect of exercising could increase your child’s interest in physical activity. Consider signing them up for local sports groups or activities. Here are a few examples of things you can sign them up for:

  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Rock climbing
  • Dance
  • Basketball
  • Swim class

There is no shortage of fun activities that will get kids moving and interacting with one another.

Make It a Family Activity

Family time is important for kids and parents alike, and exercising together can help foster a healthy spirit of competition and excitement around the idea of fitness. Consider trying a 30-day core challenge with your kids or enrolling the whole family in an activity together. Sometimes, making fitness a group activity in your home can help children look forward to the movement time and see it as a chance to get family attention.

Use Exercise as Transportation

Sprinkle some extra fun on fitness by using exercise as a means of transportation. If your child loves a certain park or store, offer to take them there via a family bike ride instead of public transport or a car. This gets them moving and teaches them how fitness can become a part of everyday life as they age. When you kids reach their teen years and are anxious to hang out with friends, offer biking or jogging as a form of travel. Instilling these ways to encourage a love of fitness in your kids from an early age can help them build habits they can take into their adolescence and adulthood. It also helps them get into fitness and find new ways to bond with you.