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Reasons It’s Important To Choose the Right Athletic Clothes

Matt Orlando
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What do you wear to the gym or when you go out on a run? Is it expensive, brand-name athletic gear or an old, comfy t-shirt that you pulled from the bottom of the drawer? You may not think that it makes a difference, but in truth, it does. The clothes you wear while working out shouldn’t just be arbitrarily picked—here are some reasons it’s important to choose the right athletic clothes.

Keeps You Comfortable

When choosing the correct athletic clothing, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for quality. In fact, wearing quality athletic clothing will actually make you feel more comfortable while you are working out. Proper clothes will wick moisture effectively and help regulate your body temperature. Well-fitting clothes will also allow you to move freely and comfortably without chaffing, tightness, or other annoying results of ill-fitting clothing.

Improves Performance

Did you know that the right workout outfit can also improve your performance? Quality workout clothes are designed for movement—they will help you, not hinder you, as you work out. In fact, many workout clothes are designed for specific sports or activities. A prime example of this is shoes. The design of running shoes will differ from a pair of cross-trainers, and wearing shoes designed specifically for running will improve your performance on a run. You’ll perform much better when you use gear specifically designed for your sport or type of exercise.

Prevents Injury

Wearing the right athletic clothes can also help you to prevent injuries. Your athletic clothes are part of your equipment and choosing the right equipment will help you to stay safer while exercising. For example, compression clothing protects your muscles and prevents injury by stopping the buildup of lactic acid and increasing blood flow; quality socks will protect your feet and lessen your chances of getting blisters during a long run.

Protects You From the Elements

One of the worst mistakes you can make when running or working out is wearing the wrong outfit for the weather. As a runner you have probably experienced this before—you go out for a winter run, thinking you’ve dressed correctly, only to realize mid-run that you’re either freezing or overheated and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can eliminate this scenario by planning ahead and choosing the right clothes for the weather. Regardless of the season, you’ll want to wear a sweat-wicking material that will help you regulate your body temperature. In summer, dress in clothes that will keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun. In the colder months, wear layers that will protect you from the chill, yet you can easily remove them if you get too hot.

For all these reasons, it’s important to choose the right athletic clothes. Next time you go for a run or work out, put some thought into what you’re wearing. With the right clothing, you’ll have a more positive, comfortable, and overall, more satisfying workout.