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Tips for Taking Care of Your Activewear

Matt Orlando
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Your activewear is an invaluable part of your lifestyle. You wear it when you go running, during a camping trip with your family and children, and for comfort while you’re lounging around inside. Preferably, you’d like for these important pieces of clothing to last you a long time. You use them pretty often and replacing high-quality activewear isn’t exactly cheap. Even if your activewear experiences a lot of daily wear-and-tear, you can keep it in good condition by caring for it properly. Let’s go over some tips for taking care of your activewear, so you can make your running shirts and shorts, basketball jerseys, and track pants last.

Invest In the Best

In general, higher-quality clothes will last you much longer than low-quality ones. High-quality sports apparel doesn’t always come cheap, but in the long run, it’s worth it. You won’t have to be constantly replacing certain pieces, which will save you time and money that you can use on other things—an extra month on your gym membership, for example. Look for clothes that are flexible, breathable, and sweat-wicking. A piece that’s flexible is less likely to tear, while breathable and sweat-wicking apparel is designed to combat sweat and the stains and odor that are notorious for coming with it.

Wash After You Wear

Another tip for taking care of your activewear is to wash your clothes right after you wear them. A heavy workout will leave your activewear covered in sweat and bacteria, which makes washing your activewear after every workout crucial if you want to keep things sanitary. You might throw the rest of your clothing in the wash using the same exact settings and detergent, but washing your sports gear using the right method and supplies is crucial to preventing wear-and-tear, including fading and rips in the clothing. Every piece of clothing has a different washing and drying process. There are even some pieces, such as basketball jerseys, that are made of materials that require specialized detergent.

Store It Safely

Many people choose to store their activewear in a gym bag. This may seem like a good decision, but it can actually make your clothing dirty and disheveled as opposed to clean and neat. This is because many people neglect to properly wash their gym bag. An unwashed gym bag is the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which can be transferred onto any pieces of clothing that you store inside of it. The best place to store your activewear is in a dresser or closet, where it’s less likely to be exposed to germs or wrinkled. A regularly washed gym bag will also work as a safe storage place.

As long as you follow these tips and tricks, your activewear should stay in good shape for months, if not years, to come. You’ll be able to focus on your exercise without worrying about tears, smells, or fading colors and designs.